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New in the swoshy garage is the LaFerrari, also known as F70, is a limited edition hybrid hypercar from one of our favourite carmakers.  There will only be produced 499 of these babies, and they are probably all sold out.. This hybrid sports a V12 internal combustion engine, supplemented by a 161bhp KERS unit, gets a grand total of 950 bhp! Add 900 nm’s of torque. Weighing in at only 1255 kg’s, this is a true monster meant to be driven around tracks. You can…

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Aston Martin One-77 (8)

Aston Martin One-77

Celebrating 100 years, Aston Martin produced the stunning Aston Martin One-77. Implying in the name that only 77 units is built… Setting you back 1.150.000 british pounds, it might be ok. Simply said, you will never own this car! We have however compiled some images you so you can dream you are 007 chasing badguys in Italy. All images are high res wallpapers. The Aston Martin One-77 has won many prices for it’s design, and we fully understand that. The highly appraised Concorso d’Eleganza at…

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McLaren P1 (6)

McLaren P1 – What a hypercar!

The Mclaren P1 is truly a gem to behold. Packing a 176 BHP electric motor backed by a 727 BHP monster engine whopping out 719 NM. Combine with the 260 NM from the electric engine this car sports 890 BHP and 978 NM in total! This litterally moves the earth underneath instead of pushing the car forwards. McLaren also claims the P1 does less than 7 minutes on the nordschleife at Nurnburgring. The McLaren P1  a rear wheel drive gets the car from 0-100 kmH…

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Lamborghini Veneno' (2)

Lamborghini Veneno

Italys most bonkers car manufacturer Lamborghini has created a wild beast for their 50 year anniversary. The Lamborghini Veneno costs more than 3 million euros and is sure to gain attention everywhere it goes! The body is pure carbon to keep it lightweight, and it is pushed forward by a V12, 740 BHP, 6.5 litre engine. Able to perform 2.8 seconds for the 0-100 sprint, and maxing when hitting 355 kmh.  All weighing around 1450 kg. Can you buy it? Well, if you have 3…

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