McLaren P1 (6)

McLaren P1 – What a hypercar!

The Mclaren P1 is truly a gem to behold. Packing a 176 BHP electric motor backed by a 727 BHP monster engine whopping out 719 NM. Combine with the 260 NM from the electric engine this car sports 890 BHP and 978 NM in total! This litterally moves the earth underneath instead of pushing the car forwards. McLaren also claims the P1 does less than 7 minutes on the nordschleife at Nurnburgring.

McLaren P1 (6)The McLaren P1  a rear wheel drive gets the car from 0-100 kmH (62 MPH) in 2.8 seconds, and perhaps more impressive, to 200 kmh (124 MPH) in 6.8 seconds. Top that with 0-300 KmH (186 MPH) in 16.5 seconds! We are taling about a massive performance that puts this car right on top with the other hypercars as the pagani huayra and Lamborghini Venero.

McLaren P1 (3) A really beautifully designed body on the McLaren P1!

McLaren P1 (4) Its production is limited to 375 units, and unfortunately most are reported as sold. Still, it would set you back more than 1.350.000 USdollars.

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