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Galpin Rocket (1)

Galpin Rocket

Based on the 2015 Ford Mustang, Galpin Motorsports and Henrik Fisker has created the Galpin Rocket! Boosting a massive 725 BHP and is intended to be “the ultimate American Muscle Car”.  Henrik Fisker is known for the Fisker Karma, and has been the designer for Aston Martin. The Galpin Rocket continues all the beauty under the bonnet with a 725 horsepower V8 engine, and fokuses mainly on making the Mustang even more muscular and spectacular. The body is transformed and uses even more carbon fiber,…

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Thunderbolt (12)

Thunderbolt – By Henrik Fisker

Henrik Fisker, the danish car designer famous for the electric car Fisker Karma, and previously designer for Aston Martin has revealed the concept car Thunderbolt, based on Astin Martin Vanquish. Thunderbolt looks absolutely stellar, and is a concept revealing how Aston Martins would look like if Henrik still was their designer. Thunderbolt might be available in limited numbers should Aston Martin decide to set it in production. If you ask us, we think they should! The body is almost completely Carbon Fiber based, making it…

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